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Roofing ReplacementIt’s raining again. You used to love the sound of the rain, but now you dread it because it means you have to get out the old pots and pans, and put them under all the leaks in your ceiling. Surely, isn’t it time to call Elite Homes LLC for a very much needed roof repair?

About Elite Homes LLC Roofing Contractors

We have been general home contractors for over 40 combined years, and we are also roof repair and replacement experts. We service all types of roofs. This includes roofs with shingles or shakes, tile roofs, metal roofs, and flat roofs.

Roofing Services We Provide in the Delaware Valley

Before any work is attempted on your roof, we send one of our professionals to evaluate it. They’ll not only look at the shingles but at the flashing around the chimney and vents and the chimney and vents themselves. When you have a leak, it’s most likely not coming from the place directly above the leak but is flowing, rather like a stream, from a place around the chimney where the flashing is weak. They’ll also look at the roof ridge, which is often the first place to show damage.

The professional also pays attention to the area of your roof that gets the most sun. You may not think so as you watch rain drip down from your ceiling, but sun can sometimes damage your roof more than rain or wind. Our professional notes any shingles that are curled, missing or rotted, and check the gutters, if you have any, to make sure that they’re sound. They also check the building felt and the wood sheathing.

After the inspection, our professional contractors give you our best recommendation for exactly what your roof needs. They will discuss the new materials that can be used on your roof, and which will work best for your needs – for example resisting mold, mildew and sun damage more efficiently than your old shingles.

Later, our professional returns and you can tell them what material you’ve chosen, and arrange for a time for the materials to be delivered and for the work be done.

Some roofs take only a few hours to repair, but our main goal isn’t how quickly we can do the job. We strive to do the very best roofing job for our customer.

Our Roof Replacement and Repair Processes

Replacing and even repairing a roof is messy and a bit loud, but we strive to be tidy. We bring a dumpster to hold all of the shingles and other materials we remove, remove ornaments and potted plants from around the house, and lay down tarps and toe boards for cleanliness and security. Then, we replace rotted plywood and install any materials that are needed, including:

  • Water and ice shielding in your home’s eaves, valleys and vents
  • Housing felt
  • Vent boots
  • A starter strip
  • Shingles
  • Flashing
  • Roof vents
  • Ridge capping

Finally, we clean up. Our goal is to make sure you are completely happy with our roofing work from start to finish, including leaving your home as clean as we found it.

If you dread those rainy days, call us to discuss our roofing services and schedule your no-cost estimate. We service most of the Delaware Valley including all of Glenolden, Delaware County, and the surrounding areas.




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