What Are The Most Common Types Of Storm Damage?

The northeast often gets a variety of storm types, which is why it’s important to have a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers this. Insurance can save you tens of thousands of dollars and enable you to hire a great company to repair storm damage. Whether you just need storm damage repair or a complete remodel, there are contractors like ourselves who can help you through any of these issues. Here are a few of the most common types of storm damage across the country, many of which we can help repair.


Flooding is a huge issue during storms. It wreaks havoc on just about every area of your home, from floors to walls. Water permeates into the structure of your home, causing mold, weakened support, and wearing away at the finishing on your floors or saturating carpet.

If you have damage from flooding, it is important to start draining water immediately and call someone to help get the water out. After that, your contractor can start rebuilding the damage and keep it from getting worse.

Hail Damage

When large chunks of ice are literally pummeling your home, it’s only natural that there can be some serious damage done. Your roof, windows, and exterior of your home can be destroyed by hail storms. Make sure you stay inside during these storms, and once the storm has passed call us for help to repair any damage that has been done.


Snowstorms are common during harsh northeast winters. If your pipes freeze over, it can cause them to burst and flood your home and heavy snow pile can place so much weight on your roof that it can cause water to seep into your walls. Keeping your roof clear of snow is important, but make sure you call a professional to have this done.


Every once in a while the Northeast gets hit with a hurricane, and they can cause major damage. Common damage from hurricanes includes the following: wind damage, flooding, and structural damage.

Tropical Storms

Tropical storms can also cause the same damage mentioned above, so it is important to remedy this as soon as possible. These storms can cause major damage to virtually every part of your home, including the structure of your home, the roof, flooring, and more.


Characterized by high winds, sometimes over 300mph, tornados can be deadly. Depending on the size and strength of the tornado, you could be left with no home at all. If your home withstands damage, you will often see it in the roof and walls. Windows can also be blown out by the high winds, or objects can be thrown through your windows and break them.

Safety is always the number one concern during a storm. Your home can be repaired, and lost material items replaced. If you have experienced damage from a storm, don’t wait around as doing so can lead to more issues such as mold or more structural damage. If you’re in the Glenolden and Delaware Valley area, call us as soon as possible to have your situation evaluated and start the process of repairing your home.

How Much Value Can A Kitchen Remodel Add To Your Home

The kitchen is one of most important rooms within the home. It is the center of family meals, parties, and late-night snack sessions. Unfortunately, the kitchen is usually also one of the most outdated areas! Homes are designed according to the most popular styles available at the time of construction. As the years pass, your kitchen can become less efficient, and even less fashionable. There comes a time when you should consider an upgrade. However, you may wonder if it worth all the trouble. Here are a few ways that a new kitchen remodel can add value to your home.

Property Value

Whether you are considering selling your home or not, this space is a top priority for potential buyers. An outdated or inefficient kitchen may mean more costs for them in the long run. Any real estate professional will tell you that the kitchen renovations have the greatest return on your investment. The upgrade makes the room more appealing, and the costs are not nearly as expensive as other areas of the home, such a new roof. A change of paint, new kitchen tiles, and a few stainless steel appliances are enough to create a whole new look. Of course, there is a balance to this strategy. If you spend $50,000 on remodeling your kitchen, it is not likely that you will see a full return.

An Updated Look

An obvious benefit of a newly remodeled kitchen is how nice it looks. Homeowners have a great deal of responsibility, including repairs, maintenance, and even safety hazards to consider. With so much to worry about, it is easy to take your home for granted. A kitchen remodel can bring back some of the excitement you felt when you first purchased your home. You may even be more inclined to host parties and special events. There are several practical reasons for having pride in your home, but there is no shame in appreciating its appearance as well.

Added Efficiency

A remodeled kitchen is also a chance to make your home more efficient and cost effective. Thanks to modern technology, there are devices, appliances, and materials which are more energy efficient. Even dishwashers, which use the majority of their energy for heating, have more energy smart options now. These appliances operate on 15-20% less electricity than more standard models. This can make a big difference when the bill comes due, especially for those with large families. Because conservation and waste reduction have become a common concern, the cost of these highly efficient appliances are also coming down.

Home renovations are often major decisions. It takes time to choose the right details and set aside a budget. If you have a family, you must also think about their needs and how any changes might affect them. The most important aspect of a kitchen remodeling project is finding a contractor you can trust. Someone who will be brutally honest about the costs and incorporate your own sense of style. If you are in the Delaware County area, we can help you make your kitchen remodeling vision come true. Not only will the right remodeling contractor give you peace of mind, but you will be more pleased with the finished product.

How To Choose Your Roofing Tiles

roof repair tiles

Are you looking to replace your roof tiles and aren’t sure where to start? When it comes to choosing a new look for your roofing repair or installation, there are many key points that you will want to go over with your roofing contractor. Homeowners can expect to increase their home’s visual appeal by having an idea of what to look for. In this post we’ll be discussing how to choose your roofing tiles.

1. Use Atlas Visualizer

First on our list of tips for choosing new tiles is using the Atlas Visualizer, which is a virtual image tool that allows homeowners to get a glimpse at how their home exterior will change based on their remodeling decisions. You can use the Atlas Visualizer located on our homepage to get a look at how your home will transform after choosing new tiles for your roof. Being able to preview how certain color combinations and styles look beforehand will make choosing tiles a lot easier.

2. Consider Your House Color & Neighborhood Style

Another important tip when choosing your new tiles is considering the color you’d like to have. Remember, you will most likely be living here for a while, so it’s best to have something that you can be proud of. Consider the overall style of the neighborhood. When choosing tile colors, you will also want to consider colors that match any bricks. The color of shutters and paint can be changed later on, but the brick color is permanent.

By going with complementary color choices when choosing a roof color, you can add more dimension to your home’s appearance. You may find your home to be very plain if you were to just match every color with one another.

3. Consider Roofing Materials

Lastly, another very important tip when it comes to choosing new roof tiles is choosing appropriate materials. When making decisions about materials, homeowners should take several factors into consideration such as: how heavy the materials are, cost and lifespan of the materials and how reliable the material is in certain weather. The most common tile materials are asphalt, clay with concrete, metal, slate and wood.

Heavier materials such as slate may require more framing in order to support the tiles. This is very is very important to keep in mind as it will affect costs. Overall, asphalt seems to be one of the more popular choices due to it’s ease of installation and affordable pricing. If properly cared for, tiles can remain in good shape for about 15-20 years.

And there we have it, three tips on how to choose new tiles for your roof. By following this advice you are sure to choose something that better suits your tastes and is long lasting. Do you have any other advice on choosing new roof tiles? Please feel free to comment about them below.

Five Fantastic Reasons to Finally Finish Your Basement

Many homeowners build or buy homes with an unfinished basement, thinking that it’s a project that can wait until some point in the future. The problem is that for many people that time never seems to come, meaning the basement sits unfinished year after year. If this sounds like your home, here are some key benefits that might finally convince you that now is the right time to undertake that basement finishing project you’ve been putting off.

Prevent Water Problems

No matter how well built your house is, your unfinished basement is still going to be much more susceptible to water problems. This can eventually lead to additional issues like mildew and mold, the latter of which could potentially be damaging to you and your family’s health. By finishing your basement, you can make ensure it is fully waterproof and thus make it much less susceptible to all of these issues.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Most home sales’ statistics back up the fact that homes with unfinished basements are worth far less than those with a fully finished downstairs. Even if you have no plans on selling your home, doing so will help to prevent certain types of damage and ensure the home fetches top value should you decide to sell. In most cases, the difference in price will be great enough to more than pay for any expenses you incurred to finish the basement. In fact, you’ll probably turn a pretty good profit off the deal.

Escape the Summer Heat

If you live in a particular hot climate, you already know just how unbearable those mid-summer days can be. In this case, your basement can often be your best friend since the temperatures tend to be quite a bit cooler below ground level. By finishing your basement, you’ll create a place for you and your family to escape the heat and also get to enjoy some quality time together.

Expand Your Entertainment Potential

An unfinished basement is basically a huge waste of space, even if you do use it to store boxes and other junk you’ve accumulated over the years. However, that unfinished basement is also a huge opportunity to build yourself a cool movie room, a decked-out man cave or whatever else your mind can dream up. Of course, you might decide that you still want to use it as an extra storage space, in which case you’ll still want to have it finished to avoid the aforementioned water damage issues.

Create a Guest Bedroom or Design Your Dream Master Bed and Bath

Your unfinished basement can also be converted into temporary or permanent living quarters if you so desire. While it may take a few adjustments to ensure that the bedrooms conform to code, all that additional basement space makes an ideal spot for a guest bedroom for your in-laws. Alternatively, you could finally make your dream of that spacious, luxurious master bedroom and bathroom come true.

As you can see, not finishing your basement can lead to a number of different problems. On the other hand, it also provides you with a perfect opportunity to let your creativity run wild and design whatever type of room you’ve been dreaming of.